Ikariam Hack Cheats 2014

Ikariam Hack Cheats 2014
Ikariam Hack Features:
-Gold adder
- Resources adder(Wine, Marble, Sulfur, Crystal, Amborzia)
- Speed Hack
- Anti-Ban Tehnology, I guarantee you that you will not be banned if you do every update
- Auto Update Feature (when a new version will be available will answer you if you want the new version or not)
- Work on all servers and languages!
UPDATE: Android and iOS compatibility!!
ikariam hack
How to use?

- Open hack

- Type Email press “Start”

- Add Gold, Resources(Wine, Marble, Sulfur, Crystal, Amborzia), Speed Hack and/or Anti-Ban feature and press “Generate Resources”

- Do not exit hack if you activated Speed Hack and Anti-Ban feature


UPDATE: Android and iOS compatibility!!

Note: The hack is updating frequently, everytime a new version is available you will be announced by a pop-up, when you running the hack.


Ikariam Review:

Ikariam is a 2D browser based strategy MMO set in the Greek Isles. Players start with a single village, or Polis, on a Mediterranean island and must expand their territory and wealth through trade & conquest.

Ikariam is a browser based strategy game set in the archipelago of Classical Greece. The core gameplay is similar that of other strategy games that came before it but Ikariam manages to do enough differently to stand out in the crowded genre. Players start with a single town (or ‘polis’ as they are called) on an island that accommodates up to 16 players. There are hundreds of islands scattered across the world. Each island has two collective resource spots, one that produces wood and the other that produces one of the other four resources. This means all islands lack at least three resources that players need to expand, forcing players to either trade, raid, or colonize other territories across the seas.

As you start your rule in Ikariam, you are given one town as your base of operations. This town is among the 16 villages that are found on the island you belong to. You have the capacity to rename your town to something that suits your taste.

Every island in Ikariam has two resources. The first one would be lumber. This is the default resource in every island in Ikariam. Lumber would serve as your most important resource as you begin the game. The other resource is the “special” resource that varies depending on the island that you belong to.

The special resources includes, wine, marble, crystal and sulfur. Each resource has its own specific use in your land. Wine is needed to make your people happy and make them more productive, marble is used for creating structures, while crystal is primarily needed for research and sulfur is basically needed for creation of units.

Ikariam hosts a number of units that are similar to other genres but there are quite a few units that are unique to Ikariam. First and foremost, Ikariam has both air and naval units. Unlike in most games where the units are all land-based, in Ikariam you can research and manufacture units such as the Gyrocopter, while also being able to create ships like the Mortar ship, Catapult ship and the Ram ship to name a few.

The amount of units you can manufacture increases the challenge on how to create suitable defenses that can stop both of these specialized units.

Another war feature of Ikariam is being able to blockade the supplies of an enemy town using your fleet. As long as the enemy is in a blockade whatever passes their borders will either be plundered or damaged by the ships.

Ikariam introduces a different gameplay that encourages players to think outside of the box. The unique units make Ikariam more interesting to play.